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We need help to protect our community from outside interests which     threaten our local health, safety, investments, and way of life.

About WE Energy’s Proposal

WE Energies is attempting to place a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility in Ixonia on north road,  between the intersection of Hill road and gopher hill. The industrial complex on the 120-acre plot will house a 15-story storage tank in the middle of our rural community.

why is this development bad for Ixonia: 

  • Your families health and safety will be at risk

  • You property value will go down

  • LNG development will shape the future of Ixonia

  • Ixonia Elementary is in the danger zone

  • Community infrastructure will be taxed

  • Our environment will be at risk

  • There is a track record of deceits 

  • This proposal is the opposite of years of community planning

  • This proposal is not neccisary

This fight is not over. There are still steps that WE energies must go through to get this class one hazardous development railroaded into our community. So far they have gotten a conditional use permit approved from the county. They still must go through the approval process from the state Public Services Commission (PSC), of which there are multiple people contesting. They also have to finalize a joint developers agreement with the county wherein we are able to request WEC to make the project more appealing for us as residents. 


In addition to that Save Ixonia is planning to bring this case to the board of adjustments to appeal the county's decision to approve the Conditional use permit.  Upon speaking with our lawyer, we think trying to stop this project at the county level is our best shot.  We believe that the zoning committee was swayed by the promise of money, and that the board of adjustments should be less partial to that perspective.


The Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing, accept new evidence and is likely to hire outside legal counsel to advise them. Our lawyer believes the Zoning Committee members made multiple legal and procedural errors in reaching their decision on Nov. 11. These errors will be the basis of the appeal. If the decision on the conditional use permit is overturned on appeal, that means WE Energies has no permit from the county and therefore has no site to build on in Jefferson County. And without a site, WE cannot present a location for the proposed project, which it must do, to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission when it seeks the permission it needs to build the facility. If we win the appeal, WE Energies could start again with a new site or apply again for a conditional use permit for the same Ixonia site or appeal the Board of Adjustment decision to circuit court. But, with the appeal to the Board of Adjustment we have the chance to slow  -- or stop -- the forward momentum of this project in Ixonia. We think it's worth doing.

History: On 9/14 The Ixonia town board voted to recommend the conditional use of the property, which is opposite to the recommendation of the Planning Commission which declined the conditional use for a utility in an A-1 zone requested by Dale and Jeanine Griebenow, and on Nov. 11, the county Planning and Zoning Committee approved the conditional use permit that WE Energies must have to build their massive, dangerous and ugly liquefied natural gas processing and storage factory in our community.


The Jefferson County board met to discuss Ixonias LNG joint developers agreement.  This is important to you because if our appeal does not win, and if the project passes state approval at the PSC, this document will determine the agreements regarding how WE energies will be allowed to engage in our community.  For example, this agreement could say that WE have to provide landscaping to screen the facility, it could talk about lighting, how WE energies will compensate neighboring properties, etc. We need to make sure to keep writing and showing up to demand that our community is protected by asking for:


  1. require a risk management plan(updated every 5 years) detailing offsite impacts to residents and institutions. 

  2. compensation to landowners to provide their own buffers and screens 

  3. Screens around the road in addition to around the fencing (north road, hill road, gopher hill road) Ex: The oak creek plant has a 30' berm and acres of woodlands buffering the side from public view. That should be a minimum. 

  4. Compensation for a decline in property values

  5. Require that an environmental impact study be completed

  6. Require that an independent expert review all WE Energies documents on public safety risk. 

  7. Demand a Higher property tax revenue be paid by WE Energies. (currently written they will pay 467.19/annually


See what is in the draft agreement and Get the latest copy  HERE.