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Together we can Change This

The more people that know about this issue, the more that will care. We can make a difference, but we will need help, and there is power in numbers. Whether it is calling up a friend, bringing family with you to meetings, visiting your neighbor, passing out street signs and fliers, or sharing our website and petition.  Everything helps. 

Contact us via the link or at to get fliers or street signs. 


We could use any support that you are able to offer.  Some items are:

  1. Email writing

  2. Canvassing

  3. Passing out fliers

  4. sharing ideas

Please get in contact if you have time and want to help. 


Politicians work for us, but they won't if they don't hear us. Both the PSC and Jefferson county zoning committee will be making important decisions that will impact you and our community forever.  Call and write these representatives to make your opinion known. Letter writing contact info and prompts can be found Here. Come to zoning committee meeting (Date TBA) prepared to share your unique perspective. 

Image by Jason Rosewell


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