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Why is Proposed LNG bad for Ixonia?

you will assume all of these risks so that MKE residents can get cheaper heat. 


Your Families Health and Safety will be at Risk


Similar facilities have had catastrophic failures. There is a .75 mile lethal flash fire radius, and a two to three miles to evacuation zone should an incident occur (2007 U.S. GAO report). Most of our town is within this “danger” zone, yet we do not have a safety plan on how to manage a crisis should one occur. Similar projects have sirens and crisis plans established.

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Your Property Value will Go Down

On average, properties close to industrial sites lose 11% in their housing value after dangerous industrial sites open and make selling more difficult, some reduction in property values are expected as far as the sight line, which could be miles for a facility 150 feet tall.  This is your hard-earned equity evaporating overnight.  This project will significantly change the rural character and aesthetic quality of our hamlet and neighborhoods. 


LNG Development will Shape the future of Ixonia

Ixonia is Jefferson County’s fastest-growing municipality, but such dangerous and unsightly industrial development will discourage families from settling, changing the face of our community. Once an industrial complex is sited in our community, it signals to other industries that Ixonia is on the decline and full of cheap land to exploit. Do you want to live in an industrial wasteland?


Ixonia Elementry within Danger Zone. 

If this project is implemented it will be among the closest potentially explosive LNG facility to a school in the country. The World Health Organization recommends a distance of 2 miles between schools and hazardous facilities, nearly double the distance given in the proposal. As well as endangering the children of our town, it also endangers the residents group home's for ​seniors and the disabled. These facilities are difficult to  evacuate leaving our children, seniors and disabled communities at risk should a crisis occur. 


Community Infrastructure​ will be taxed. 

Our neighborhood roads will receive a level of commercial use that they were not planned for. Our fire departments, as well as our community, will be responsible to form safety protocol, evacuation plans, emergency response plans, practice activities, and warning systems to warn residents of potential dangers.  The world health organization guidelines recommend emergency shelter design incorporated into schools located near potentially explosive facilities and the creation of new emergency response plans and drills for students. 

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Ixonia's Environment will be at Risk​

WEC Energy Group has paid close to $1 billion in environmental fines in the past few years. When they tell us “It’s safe,” but not disclose this, how can we trust them?  The Ixonia LNC project is proposed for a sensitive environmental corridor, a floodplain, and wetlands, and thus should be subject to extensive oversight regarding their environmental practices.


There is a Track Record of Deceit

When the LNG pipeline was installed in Ixonia, the community was assured that no further development would take place. The company despite assurances to the contrary has alluded to future expansions of this facility. We energies has maintained that they contacted residents early in their process, but had to be called out for not sending them. When documents were finally sent they were misleading at best.  We can't trust a corporation to do right by our community, we need to advocate for our best interests.  

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This proposal goes against years of community planning guidelines

Both Ixonia and Jefferson county have invested years of taxpayer money in planning to keep our communities safe, beautiful, and protect our farmland and heritage. The commitment to farmland preservation in Jefferson County is extremely high, being an early leader in farmland preservation land use planning and zoning. This development goes against the core tenants of those plans. 

This proposal is not needed

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The money promised to our community is not guaranteed

The promised money is from the State of Wisconsin, not WE Energies. it is atax on WE Energies which is theirs not to promise our town. Every two years, the state proposes to reallocate all or part of this tax revenue for its own general fund to pay for state operations and programs. The state can do this and the potential for it happening is increasing. 

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