Contacting Your Representitives

Having your voice heard is the most important step that you can take towards saving our community and Ixonia's future. Our town council members need to hear from you and how your family will be impacted.


If you're concerned, but new to letter writing, here are some prompts you can use to tell your story:


How close do you live to where the plant will be (North Rd. and Gopher Hill/Hill Rd.)? How do you feel about being within a legal explosion zone? Do you have a business nearby that may be impacted?


How do you feel about having such a dangerous facility so close to our elementary schools? Do you have children or grandchildren at that school? The Ixonia LNG storage facility would be the U.S.'s closest explosive facility located next to an elementary school.


How do you feel about losing 11% or more of your home equity? Your house will immediately drop in value as soon as the LNG facility is approved, and much more as it is built and our rural community turns into an industrial zone. How would this change in equity impact you. 

Do you know that this proposal will not lower your taxes nor get you any gas?  How do you feel about taking all of these risks with no tangible rewards so that city residents and a corporation can get rich off of our natural resources and hard-working community?


What do you love about Ixonia, and how does this proposal impact your views about living here? Many from our community moved here or have been lifelong residents because it is one of Jefferson County's most beautiful rural landscapes and vibrant communities. How would Ixonia changing into an industrial zone change that?


How do you feel about having an LNG facility be built on top of Ixonia's wetlands and agricultural lands by a company that has paid close to $1 billion in environmental fines? Are you on well water?

List of Important People to Contact:


Jefferson County Supervisor - Lloyd Zastrow (262) 593-8945


Jefferson County Supervisor - George Jaeckel (262) 563-9810


Jefferson County Supervisor - Steve Nass (920) 648-8513

Jefferson County Supervisor - Matthew Foelker (920) 728-6669


Jefferson County Supervisor - Blane Poulson (262) 490-1175

(no email)  N657 Tamarack Rd, Palmyra, WI 53156 

Project Docket Coordinator, Public Service Commission:

Matthew J. Sorensen


Project Docket Accountant, Public Service Commission:

Nick Schuster 


Project Environmental Review Coordinator,

Public Service Commission: Adam Ingwell


Energy Project Liaison, Department of Natural Resources:

Lindsay Tekler

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