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Contacting Your Representitives

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Having your voice heard is the most important step that you can take towards saving our community and Ixonia's future. Our county supervisors need to hear from you and how your family will be impacted.


When writing to the county:

Focus on their complete disregard of the Agricultural Preservation and Land Use Plan.  Both Ixonia and Jefferson county have invested years of taxpayer money in planning to keep our communities safe, beautiful, and protect our farmland and heritage. The commitment to farmland preservation in Jefferson County is extremely high, being an early leader in farmland reservation land use planning and zoning. This development goes against the core tenants of those plans.


Express your disapproval of the project in general.


WE Energies failure to do an adequate search for alternative locations, in a less populated or industrial area.


You should also add in anything that you would like to be included in the Joint Developer’s Agreement. 


  1. You might ask for a risk management plan (updated every 5 years) detailing offsite impacts to residents and institutions. 

  2. Compensation to landowners to provide their own buffers and screens. 

  3. Screens around the road in addition to around the fencing (north road, hill road, gopher hill road) Ex: The Oak Creek plant has a 30' berm and acres of woodlands buffering the side from public view. That should be a minimum. 

  4. Compensation for a decline in property values. 

  5. Require that an environmental impact study be completed. 

  6. Require that an independent expert review all WE Energies documents on public safety risk. Demand a Higher property tax revenue be paid by WE Energies. (Currently written they will pay 467.19/annually). 



When writing to the Public Service Commission:


Focus on the safety


Use this document to guide your writing strategy.



When writing to Clean Wisconsin and Midwest Fish & Wildlife:


Focus on the endangered turtle inhabiting that area, whooping cranes, and endangered frogs.


When writing to State Representatives:


Focus on the need to avoid all new fossil fuel infrastructure per Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change as described in this Report,


If you're concerned, but new to letter writing, here are some prompts you can use to tell your story:


How close do you live to where the plant will be (North Rd. and Gopher Hill/Hill Rd.)? How do you feel about being within a legal explosion zone? Do you have a business nearby that may be impacted?


How do you feel about having such a dangerous facility so close to our elementary schools? Do you have children or grandchildren at that school? The Ixonia LNG storage facility would be the U.S.'s closest explosive facility located next to an elementary school.


How do you feel about losing 11% or more of your home equity? Your house will immediately drop in value as soon as the LNG facility is approved, and much more as it is built and our rural community turns into an industrial zone. How would this change in equity impact you. 

Do you know that this proposal will not lower your taxes nor get you any gas?  How do you feel about taking all of these risks with no tangible rewards so that city residents and a corporation can get rich off of our natural resources and hard-working community?


What do you love about Ixonia, and how does this proposal impact your views about living here? Many from our community moved here or have been lifelong residents because it is one of Jefferson County's most beautiful rural landscapes and vibrant communities. How would Ixonia changing into an industrial zone change that?


How do you feel about having an LNG facility be built on top of Ixonia's wetlands and agricultural lands by a company that has paid close to $1 billion in environmental fines? Are you on well water?

List of Important People to Contact:


Executive Committee members (who will be the first to act on the JDA)

Amy Rinard  (920) 262-0892

Jim Braughler  (920) 342-4758

Conor Nelan  (608) 516-4121

Mike Wineke  (608) 225-1624

Steve Nass  (920) 648-8513


All other county supervisors –

Richard Jones – (920) 478-3335

Mike Kelly – (920) 699-3658

Greg David – (920) 988-5629

Augie Tietz – (920) 261-3740

Dan Herbst – (920) 261-9183

Dwayne Morris – (920) 246-4587

Lloyd Zastrow – (262) 593-8945

Jeff Johns – (920)285-2979

Jeff Smith – (920) 699-2680

Anita Martin – (920) 285-6875

Kirk Lunk – (920) 945-0017

Laura Payne – (608) 279-7173

Russell Kutz – (920) 674-5241

Brandon White – (920) 650-0535

David Drayna – (920) 390-0304

Curtis Backlund – (920) 397-0843

John Kannard – (262) 495-4618

Blane Poulson – no email (262) 490-1175

George Jaeckel – (920) 563-9810

Roger Lindl – (920) 723-5516

Matthew Foelker – (920) 728-6669

Joan Fitzgerald – (920) 650-2119

Dick Schultz – (920) 650-1595

Mary Roberts – (920) 563-5343

Walt Christensen – (920) 723-1320


Everyone else:

Governor Tony Evers –

(608) 266-1212 or (414) 227-4344

P.O. Box 7863 Madison, WI 53707 or  819 N 6th St., Suite 560 Milwaukee WI, 53203

Chaitannya K. Agni (608) 843-4970

Lt Governor Mandela Barnes (608) 266-3516

Sect DNR Preston Cole (608) 267-7556


State Senator Scott Fitzgerald – (608) 266-5660


Assembly Representative John Jagler – (608) 266-9650


Wisconsin Dept Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection (608) 224-5012 

Amber Meyer Smith- Clean Wisconsin 

Carly Michiels (Clean Wisconsin

Katie Nekola Clean Wisconsin:

Ezra Meyer Clean Wisconsin 


Midwest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Region 3) – (920) 866-1717

Field Office – Green Bay Sub-Office (GBSO): 2661 Scott Tower Drive, New Franken, WI 54229

Regional Office – 5600 American Blvd West Suite 990, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437-1458

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