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Advocacy about the Joint Developers Agreement

Attention SAVE IXONIA Supporters, We need your help





We have been through a lot so far and our campaign to keep our community safe from WE Energies constructing an LNG tank on North Road continues. Our campaign has been following and continually monitoring many complicated steps throughout this journey - many of which have been taking place simultaneously. One of the complicated steps we have

been following and involved with is the development/approval of the Joint Developers Agreement (JDA). The JDA is a negotiated contract between the Town of Ixonia, WE Energies and Jefferson County addressing critical components IF the project receives final approval at ALL levels of government and WE Energies begins construction. The Jefferson County Executive Committee spent several months reviewing and making recommendations for improvement to the draft JDA. At the Committee’s last meeting, the JDA was approved to be moved forward to the FULL County Board of Supervisors at their April 20 th meeting for final approval.



Step 1: Please write to the members of the full Jefferson County Board of Supervisors asking them to NOT approve this agreement in its current format, as it fails to adequately address significant citizen protections and safeguards in the event of a gas leak, system failure or catastrophic emergency situation. We request your letter specifically address SAFETY OF RESIDENTS stating that the current JDA fails to sufficiently protect the citizens of Ixonia and Jefferson County. A copy of the current JDA is attached. We encourage you to read the entire agreement, paying close attention to Section 8 – Emergency Services, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (page 13).

Please write your letter/email with copies to each County Board of Supervisors listed below.

Deadline – by Saturday, April 17 (or before).

EXAMPLE LETTER: (feel free to use any and all language from this sample letter)

Dear Jefferson County Board of Supervisors,

I urge you to vote AGAINST approval of the Joint Developers Agreement concerning the Ixonia WE Energies LNG project. The Joint Developers Agreement, in its current form, lacks sufficient and reasonable language under Section 8 to provide for the necessary safety protections for residents of Ixonia in case of a leak, emergency, or catastrophic system failure. The residents of Ixonia and Jefferson County have a right to be provided with documentation of worse case scenarios and specific plans for residents to take to protect themselves and their families. Language pertaining to drills, warning systems, communication systems are not adequately addressed in this document and require additional work. Furthermore, it is critical the JDA address steps related to a public and transparent annual review process to ensure all emergency procedures are up to date. The JDA must identify the agency(s) responsible for ensuring necessary emergency plans are developed, reviewed, updated, and shared with the public, as this is critical to our safety. I urge you to send this document back to the Executive Committee

for further work specifically related to Section 8 – Emergency Services, Fire and Emergency

Medical Services (EMS) – page 13.

Respectfully submitted,



Step 2: We strongly encourage you to attend or zoom into the following meetings:

 April 20 – Board of Adjustment deliberation 10:00 am (This is when they will make a final determination about our legal appeal.)

 April 20 – Full County Board of Supervisors meeting – 5:00 pm

(This is the meeting where the JDA will be discussed. Please consider speaking/reading your

Zoom links for each meeting can be found at:ing the public comment section of the agenda. Each person is allotted 3 minutes to speak of their concerns – WE MUST BE HEARD!!)

Zoom links for each meeting can be found at:

(click on the blue A next to the meeting and register in advance to zoom in).

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors

Amy Rinard, (Board Vice Chair)–  (920) 262-0892

Conor Nelan, –  (608) 516-4121

Mike Wineke, –  (608) 225-1624

Steve Nass (Board Chair) –  (920) 648-8513  

Richard Jones – (920) 478-3335

Mike Kelly – (920) 699-3658

Greg David – (920) 988-5629

Augie Tietz – (920) 261-3740

Dan Herbst – (920) 261-9183

Dwayne Morris – (920) 246-4587

Lloyd Zastrow – (262) 593-8945

Jeff Johns – (920)285-2979

Jeff Smith – (920) 699-2680

Anita Martin – (920) 285-6875

Kirk Lunk – (920) 945-0017

Laura Payne – (608) 279-7173

Russell Kutz – (920) 674-5241

Brandon White – (920) 650-0535

David Drayna – (920) 390-0304

Curtis Backlund – (920) 397-0843

John Kannard – (262) 495-4618

Blane Poulson – no email (262) 490-1175

George Jaeckel – (920) 563-9810

Roger Lindl – (920) 723-5516

Matthew Foelker – (920) 728-6669

Joan Fitzgerald – (920) 650-2119

Dick Schultz – (920) 650-1595

Mary Roberts – (920) 563-5343

Walt Christensen – (920) 723-1320

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