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Did You Miss our last meeting?

Here was what we spoke about:

Legal Update – Plan of Action with Christa Westerberg

We filed a legal notice of Appeal to the Board of Adjustment on December 11, 2020.

The basis of our appeal: the Zoning and Planning Committee incorrectly interpreted the Jefferson County’s Conditional Use Ordinance and therefore the Conditional Use Permit granted WE Energies is improper.At this point, we do not have any dates or timelines of the Board of Adjustment processes but will keep everyone updated. However, one of the Board of Adjustment processes is an open hearing that we should all plan to attend to provide input.

Review of Jefferson County Board Meeting 12/8 – Introducing the JDA

Summarized and discussed the County Board meeting. Our emails and letters to County Board Supervisors appeared to have an impact on multiple members, based on the questions they asked about the WE Energies project.

The Joint Developer’s Agreement (JDA) is expected to be on the Executive Committee agenda in February. We all need to think about ways we want to be protected from and/or screened from this industrial facility IF it is approved. These requests can be submitted to the Executive Committee for considered inclusion in the JDA. (i.e., visual screenings, improved safety measures, remuneration for loss of property value). For their addresses, visit our website.

Financial Update

We are so thankful and impressed with how much money people have donated to help fight WE Energies. Our last $200 Campaign has collected approximately $5750 of our $8000 goal. If you have not yet donated to this most recent campaign, please do. We need approximately 11 more people to help us yet. ALL FUNDS go to pay the legal fees associated with this fight. You can donate in the following ways: 1) Direct deposit at Ixonia Bank to the Save Ixonia/Dyan Pasono checking account; 2) Mail a check to Dyan Pasono at N9071 Ridge Lane, Watertown, WI 53094; 3) Venmo to @ SaveIxonia

April 2021 Election – Ixonia Town Board

Our Nomination Signing Event on December 12th was a success. Each candidate received all the needed signatures to run for Town Supervisor or Town Chairperson. Thank you to everyone who came out in the snow on Saturday to support these candidates (Tom Carey, Rick Ziegler, and Clark Eckert)

Call for Action

To keep our fight going, we are asking that you continue to write emails and letters to the PSC, Jefferson County Supervisors, State Legislators, and Governor Evers regarding any continued concerns you have. For their addresses, visit our website. There is new research that comes out regularly regarding energy sources, the impact of the environment on our daily living, changes in governmental leadership, and agendas that affect our case. When writing the PSC, keep this letter-writing strategy in mind.

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