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Some Good News: our hard work is paying off!

We have great news to share with everyone involved with Save Ixonia!  

We have officially retained an attorney with a Madison law firm using funds raised through our GoFundMe campaign and the attorney’s first action, on our behalf, was a SUCCESS!! 

The September 28th meeting of the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Committee was set to consider imposing restrictions (like time limits) on public statements made at the October 22nd public hearing on the WE Energies LNG facility proposal.  Our attorney wrote a letter to the Committee urging them not to impose restrictions, arguing such limits could harm the ability of citizens to have a fair say.  In the end, the Committee agreed to not impose time limit restrictions, allow people to testify at the public hearing using Zoom, and allow equal presentation time to both WE Energies and the opposing side (This is US Save Ixonia Team!). The date, time, and location of the meeting were also changed to accommodate our needs. Please see below for updated information.

All of your donations to GoFundMe and deposits made directly into our checking account at the Ixonia Bank made this possible – THANK YOU!!!   

We need to keep up the momentum on fundraising so that we can keep having her work for our community by rebuilding our funds. If you have not donated, please consider doing so, every little bit helps, if you have,  consider making another donation, or helping us seek corporate donations and hosting fundraising events, and sharing our work with your friends and family. 

Lastly there has been a change of time for the Sept 22 Jefferson County Zoning and Planning Committee Meeting. It will now be held at October 22 at 6:30pm

County Fair Park Activity Center, Jefferson Wi. THANK YOU for your ongoing support, and looking forward to seeing you there!!

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