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Candidate for Town Supervisor: Rick Ziegler

Rick Ziegler- Campaign for Town of Ixonia Supervisor 2021

As a Town of Ixonia supervisor Rick will:

  1. Contribute to sustaining the clean, healthy environment of Ixonia.

  2. Demonstrate courage and determination to make the right decisions on issues that affect the citizens of Ixonia.

  3. Show a passion to address challenges that the community may face in the upcoming times.

  4. Make decisions that will make a difference in the lives of the people of Ixonia.

  5. Enthusiastically to engage in caring for the needs of the community of Ixonia through finding out what is important to the individuals that make up the community.

Rick Has been married to Kathy Ziegler for 42 years, he enjoys listening to others, family, grandchildren, travel and photography. He has been a pharmacist for 43 years, and consultant for 11 years. His last 13 years at Froedtert Hospital Menomonee Falls. Responsibilities include: Medication Therapy Management Services, Emergency and Disaster HAZMAT Team and extensive certifications. Such as – Adult Multi professional Critical Care, Coach for Cardiovascular, Asthma, Depression and Diabetes. His track record at Froedtert Hospital represents skills acquired to be a dedicated and trustworthy leader.

Thank you for your consideration!

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