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3 candidates for Ixonia Board that YOU can trust.

3 Town Board members are up for re-election in 2021 (if they decide to seek re-election) Chairman Perry Goetsch, Supervisor Peter Mark, and Supervisor Jeff Taylor, and we are supporting a group of candidates to replace them that we think will help to #saveixonia by giving you your voice back and working to preserve our rural character.

The WE LNG vote really showed us the true colors of our elected officials, one of who went so far as to say to a room packed full of concerned citizens "I am voting for this and I don't care what you think." The Ixonia Town Board vote was 3 to 1 – Perry Goetsch, Brian Derge and Carl Jaeger voting yes with only, Jeff Taylor voting against it, and Peter Mark excused himself (on the night of the vote) from voting due to a conflict of interest since he has stock with WE Energies. We believe that this was a cop-out move so that he would not have to show Ixonia residents his true colors.

There are 3 amazing individuals who have committed to run for the town board to #saveixonia after seeing the troubling character of Ixonia's local governors:

 Tom Carey – running for Chairperson  Rick Ziegler – running for Supervisor  Clark Eckert – running for Supervisor

Candidate Pics, Bio, and Platforms to come.

Please show your support to get more transparency, integrity, and honesty on our town board, from people who are committed to preserving the rural character of our town, by briefly attending our Covid-safe Nomination Paper Signing Event on Saturday, December 12 from 11:30-12:30 at the Frontage Street in front of Ixonia BP Gas Station. Please come and sign these candidate’s nomination papers and get to know them and what they plan to do for Ixonia!

Stay in your car and the candidates will come to you with their masks on

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