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Working For You?

We got involved in Ixonia politics by fighting on behalf of our neighbors and families during the LNG hazardous storage tank proposal. Through this process we learned that Ixonia's  governance lacks transparency, our representitives weren't listening to constituents, & participation at town meetings was discouraged. When 130 of our neighbors heard "I'm voting for this and I don't care what you think," we knew enough was enough, it was time for us to step up to bring change for our town. 

When Elected,

We Will:

Listen & Respond to your concerns.

Make meetings more open, honest, & transparent.

Responsibly defend your family's health, safety & economic interests.

Protect Ixonia's rural character.


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Ixonia needs a CHANGE. 

2021 Town Board Election

FEB 16 Primary APR 6 General

How to Vote



Tom Carey

I am dedicated to listening to the families of Ixonia, building a strong community, and governing with more honesty and transparency.


Clark Eckert

I am running with a relentless pursuit to preserve the rural character that Ixonia is known, and to protect  the health and safety of our residents.


Rick Ziegler

I am dependable, and engaged in meeting the needs of Ixonia; determined to make the right decisions for our citizens.

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